Saturday, October 04, 2008

Evil in a cup

Okay, so I "Stumble-d Upon" this website where you are taught how to make chocolate cake in about five minutes. You read that right, five minutes.

I was skeptical, naturally.

I read a lot of the comments. Some for, some against. Obviously some commenters to the post haven't cooked much, based on what they said/did.

I made a few of my own changes, nothing substantial. I only used 1.5 tablespoons of oil because 3 tablespoons for that amount of batter is horrendous. I used a little more cocoa than called for. Next time I'd use at least a tablespoon of chocolate chips, maybe more. The "cake flour" called for is the self-rising kind. Don't make the mistake of using regular cake flour. Also, I used half brown sugar, half white sugar. I don't usually use all white sugar in a cake. I added a teaspoon of vanilla, and a pinch of salt for the correct flavoring. And be sure you use an oversized coffee mug, like a soup mug. It rises a lot.

A bit spongy, but pretty good, and I am sure it would be much better with the chocolate chips. We ate it with a little ice cream and it was nice. And at five minutes (actually more like seven) to make it from start to finish, it's hard to complain too much.

Don't make it too often: the way I made it (which was with less oil than called for) it was 614 calories. It would be even more using my suggestion of chocolate chips and if the full amount of oil called for was used (but it would be unnecessary). Actually, it makes enough cake for two, so you could call it 307 calories if you only ate half of it.


At 10:57 AM, October 05, 2008, Blogger Greg said...

For weird experiments like this one, I shall miss having a microwave...but the Nest just doesn't seem wired for one.

Sounds like fun, though.


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