Monday, March 21, 2005

Our first sit-down meal in the new house

Well, we were finally able to make our first sit-down meal in the new house tonight. We used many of our new tools, including the cooktop, range hood, both ovens in the double oven (including Trivection). Even though I didn't have all my utensils available, I made do with what we had over there, and still it was a fabulous cooking experience. I was amazed at the control of the cooktop. Jess fired up the Trivection oven and went to work cooking some salmon fillets. As promised, the Trivection cooked the salmon in about one-third the time it would have taken to cook it normally, but the true question was whether or not it would be good. I mean, a microwave can cook quickly, but it's no good for real baking or broiling. But the Trivection lived up to its promise. The fish was finished perfectly, completely done but very moist - simply outstanding covered with caramelized leek cream sauce. We roasted some asparagus in the lower oven while the upper oven baked and broiled the fish. (What's Trivection? It's conventional, convection-halogen, and microwave cooking all in one.) And the neat thing is, when you start it up, you tell it how long would would have cooked the food conventionally, and it adjusts for Trivection cooking. It's pretty damned cool.

Meanwhile, I was working up the sauce on the cooktop, marvelling at the difference in heat conductivity and control over my oven in the current house. It was just too good to be true.

When it was all done, (about 15 minutes total) we sat down at the dining room table (we almost never got to eat at the dining room table in the old house) and enjoyed the first real meal in our new home. And it was a wonderful moment!

On another note, we finally got the shower glass installed. Spectacular. I'll probably post pictures this weekend when Jess gets his computer back (for some reason my computer can't read the files from his digital camera without corrupting them). Overall, the house is almost finished...a few details to wrap up, but almost ready. We'll be moving in soon. We already spent most of the past weekend moving the kitchen...and we only moved about half the kitchen (isn't that scary?!) over the two days.

Now I really want to get in there!


At 5:11 PM, March 22, 2005, Blogger Crash said...

I can't wait to come over and try out the kitchen.

Should I send over the shopping list now?

At 2:50 AM, March 23, 2005, Blogger MattInTO said...

I can almost the brisket now...


At 2:55 AM, March 26, 2005, Blogger Pony said...

Jess can cook salmon? I am *so* marrying you two...

At 2:58 AM, March 26, 2005, Blogger Pony said...

Sorry, one more thought: I'll only look at the shower door pictures if there is someone using it. Use your imagination.

Else, I'm available for modeling jobs if you can wait until June for those pictures. (I'm in high demand, dontchaknow.)

At 9:44 AM, March 26, 2005, Blogger Marc said...


Yes he can cook salmon, and a whole lot more. We both cook.

On the shower doors, I guess you're not gonna be lookin' cause there is no way we're posing while it's in use.

June's open, tho'!


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