Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving highlights

Well, I didn't have these pictures ready when I made my T-Day post, but here are a few shots now, long after the fact.

The turkey was perfectly browned and very juicy.

Here are those chocolate peanut butter chip cookies I was talking about in the previous post.

This is a bowl from our china set, prior to being stuffed with mashed potatoes.

The requisite green bean casserole.

The steamy, yeasty rolls.

Nothing beats homemade turkey gravy. This was amazing.

Our silver, set next to our china. Enlarge the picture for the detail. Jess chose this pattern and it's lovely.

Moving the stuffing from the bird to the bowl. This is my favorite part of the entire dinner. (Eating it, not moving it, silly.)

Bernice can always be found where there is food.

Anal listmaker than I am, and absent-minded as I am when I am under stress cooking such a big meal, I have a timeline for my dinner that I use every year. My sister-in-law found it humorous. She doesn't do the cooking at her house - maybe that's why.

And after it's over, I can finally relax a little. Do I look tired?!


At 5:51 PM, November 30, 2007, Blogger Brooklyn Bitch said...

HOLLA! Everything looks delicious! Very nice indeed. And, I didn't know you had a dog, what a cutie!

At 7:22 PM, November 30, 2007, Blogger Marc said...

BB - actually, we have three dogs! Bernice is the oldest...she'll be 10 in January.

I didn't even take a picture of the pumpkin torte, which was the best part of the whole thing!

At 12:50 PM, December 03, 2007, Blogger PatCH said...

Mmm... How scrumptious everything looks!

At 10:47 PM, December 03, 2007, Blogger pinknest said...

INSANITY!!! it all looks so amazingly, perfectly delicious!!! i want to plunge into that green bean casserole.

ps i thought you enjoyed the moving of the stuffing. seems like a fun hobby.

At 12:59 PM, December 05, 2007, Blogger Cooper said...

I could easily skip the turkey ... stuffing is my favourite part of the meal, too! Marc, your buns look fantastic ... (I just realised how that sounds... hee hee).

Oh, and can I have the recipe for those chocolate peanutbutter cookies? Please. I'm salivating.


At 10:13 PM, December 21, 2007, Blogger CoffeeDog said...

Everything looks lovely. Your silverware just sparkles.

I had nice silverware once, lost it in a move. Funny how things just magically disappear when one moves, though I think I left the silverware (and a huge box of acyrlic paints) at my old apt and they never called me to let me know - asshats.

At 12:18 AM, January 04, 2008, Blogger Keywest said...

I love that you use the same list everyy year! We do that, too, If it works...don't screw with it. Everything looks yummy. And only people who don't cook don't get the list thing.


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