Saturday, December 25, 2004

A very kosher Christmas Eve

It started with a trip into the city to meet our friends Matt and John, and Matt's parents, who were visiting for the weekend. We were meeting them for dinner at the 2nd Ave. Deli, to which I had never been, but had always wanted to go. Once there, I feared it would be a bad experience: we had to wait almost 25 minutes outside in the freezing weather for a table; but once we got inside and seated, it was really a delightful meal.

We started off with chopped liver. Now I have to tell you, I am not a big chopped liver fan. I can count on one hand the number of people or places who have served it to me and I considered it good. Jess' grandmother could make it. Matt can make it...but restaurants just don't make it to my liking. Well, that was before 2nd Ave. Deli. It was fantastic. I also had stuffed derma, a roast turkey sandwich with russian dressing, and dill pickles that were truly deli-worthy. Overall, a great meal - and our server, Marsha, was truly outstanding. It all would have been even better if we hadn't had to listen to the screaming BRAT at the next table, who was letting out shrill ear-splitting shrieks while his parents just sat there.

At any rate, with dinner over, we sent Matt's parents back to their hotel in a cab, and we took a walk in search of some coffee. We didn't have to walk far. A block south of the deli was a little Ukrainian place (the East Village is filled with many Polish and Ukrainian immigrants and restaurants) called Veselka, at the corner of 2nd Ave. and 9th. We weren't really looking for dessert, but the desserts in their case certainly looked delicious. The problem is that most restaurant desserts look a lot nicer than they taste - but surprisingly, that wasn't the case here. Jess and I ordered a hot chocolate, and Jess ordered a piece of chocolate mousse cake. I ordered the baked chocolate custard. John and Matt split a Valrhona chocolate tart, Matt had an espresso. Everything was positively magnificent.

The subways and train were quite empty, this being Christmas Eve, so it was a pretty relaxing ride back to the Island, where we came home to our doggies, who were happy to see us.

It wasn't exactly the Christmas Eve I have come to know, but it was wonderful nevertheless.

Happy holidays, everyone.


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