Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Idol night

Tonight was Gwen Stefani as the master class instructor. I really like Gwen; her body of work isn't exactly up there with past "master class" invitees, but she had dead-on advice for each of the contestants.

LaKisha was amazing as usual! Last Dance was a very good choice. Definitely top three, and if America has any sense, top two.

Tonight we learned that Chris Sligh can't keep a beat. Hello, Chris, your career is calling...and it's about to get a busy signal.

Gina Glocksen - fabulous rendition of I'll Stand By You. The clothes, the vocal, the emotion...it was all there tonight.

Sanjaya - come on, you can't even remember the words!!! Trademark weak vocal. Lousy timing. And that hair was freaking ridiculous. It wasn't a hairdo, it was a hairdon't. He should be voted off just for that. Pi-tee-ful.

Hayley - Gwen was right; you shouldn't have been wandering from the melody. You aren't big enough or good enough to pull that off. But you looked the best you have since the start of the show. However, the voice just isn't good enough for top three or top six.

Phil Stacey – Again, I don’t like this guy; he’s hard to watch…but I thought his vocal on I’ll Be Watching Youwas really good. I love that song and he performed it well. Even Simon liked it. He’s continues to show top six potential. I hated the backup singers, though; they ruined it for me.

Melinda - Heaven Knows was phenomenal!! Girl had it going on! And you knew she would. She's the winner in my opinion, and I have said it since the beginning, before there was a top 24. And even if she doesn't win, you know Clive is going to give her a contract. She is dynamite. But the flip ‘do and the leotards under the long top…those were a fizzle-out.

Blake is another one I don’t like much. However, his vocal was good, surprisingly. This was one of his better vocals over the course of the show. For one of those who goes out of his way to change up the original, it was a nice change this time…this time. Simon called him the best guy in the competition, but I don’t think his voice is as strong as Phil’s.

Jordin’s vocal was too low for her range. In the low points, you could hardly hear her. And she was pitchy, all over the map. That outfit reminded me of a bad carhop. Why Randy deemed it “brilliant” is beyond me. No, no, no. In fact, they all fawned over her. Puhleez.

Chris Richardson – Don’t Speak wasn’t his best performance. It was okay. But all his performances sound pretty much the same to me, which is what I think Gwen was trying to say nicely. Randy liked it, so did Paula. I don’t get it. Simon was more on my page – he’s not paying enough attention to the vocals.

Top three projection at this point: Melinda; LaKisha; Gina.


At 9:20 AM, March 28, 2007, Blogger Dantallion said...

I swear, I'm the only person in the Western Hemisphere NOT watching Idol.

At 10:15 AM, March 28, 2007, Blogger CoffeeDog said...

Yo Dog, they all rocked (not)

At 2:07 AM, March 29, 2007, Blogger Shenida Weave said...

I think the votefortheworst.com people are onto something... Sanjaya survived another week, not even in the bottom three... Chris Sligh is unfortunately gone...

At 7:52 AM, March 29, 2007, Blogger Cincy Diva said...

I think I get more angry every week!
Hayley - Dull and forgettable...and still here
Phil Stacey- Creeps me out and still here
Sanjaya - No comment needed...STILL HERE!!
Chris Richardson- not bad but without a boy band...dull Still here.
Gina -Love here but I don't think she has the staying power
Lakisha-Love her but she is beginning to show a little 'tude
Blake-Adore him! Would love to see him win but of this were actually a singing contest we know who would win...
Melinda Dolittle!
But we know who will actually win


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