Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Latin Idol - blecccch!

Okay, the rundown on tonight's Latin night with Jennifer Lopez as the master class instructor:

Melinda was original, sounded great, but looked 50. She was very sultry, going out of her element. I liked her. The judges didn't, for the most part.

LaKisha was okay, but tired. The dress was not a good choice. Paula loved the outfit?! Paula was on drugs tonight, that's what Paula was. She looked stoned, and her commentary was even stupider than usual.

Chris was terrible. He couldn't keep up with the music. Rob Thomas he ain't. The facial expressions were painful to look at. Randy thought it was great.

Haley, honey, you have to have the beat before you can turn it around. And please don't paint yourself up like a dimestore whore to cover up for a bad vocal. The outfit with the shorts was laughable, the makeup was overdone, and the false eyelashes made her look like a plastic doll.

Phil's vocal was very strong, better than Chris' by a mile, but the judges didn't think so. The guy still gives me the creeps, but his vocal really was better than any of the guys tonight. (Sorry, Cincy!)

Jordin, the rhythm didn't get you tonight. Speed it up, girl!

Blake had no passion in his Rob Thomas vocal. And the outfit - Boca Raton at the Senior Center. Ugh. But for some bizarre reason, the judges loved his performance. Why??!!

Sanjaya the weasel really played up to the camera, but the vocal, as usual, wasn't great. One of his better vocals? Maybe; but that's a low standard to live up to.

UPDATE: I wasn't surprised by Haley's departure, but it looked as though Phil Stacey was. He thought he would be the one, apparently. Sorry, Sanjaya should have been in the bottom three and Phil should have never been there this week. Phil's performance, in spite of its vocal "crackiness", was better than Sanjaya's. It's down to seven and I will be shocked and appalled if the weasel makes it into the top six next week. It's just wrong that he's survived this long.


At 2:44 PM, April 11, 2007, Blogger pinknest said...

i thought sanjaya's "sensual" looks into the camera were hysterical.

At 4:47 PM, April 11, 2007, Blogger Hot Toddy said...

I am afraid to say anything about the show, to be quite honest.

Last night I was watching Paula and thinking to myself, "what a lush". At the very moment I had that thought, I knocked over a full glass of white wine and spilled it all over the floor.

Karma's a bitch sometimes.

At 5:22 PM, April 11, 2007, Blogger Cincy Diva said...

Lat night was just awful. I posted all about it at my blog also. Phil does have a nice voice but no emotion and no control hence the cracking last night. Even my darling Blake was lackluster

At 7:29 PM, April 11, 2007, Blogger Shenida Weave said...

The only winner last night was Jennifer Lopez... she was a much better (and definitely nicer and seemingly more interested) mentor than Gwen Stefani last week...

Did you see the upper parts of Haley's legs just below her ass and thighs when they did the shot from behind of her (such smart camera people they have ;))??? I wish I didn't, but I watch Idol in High-Definition which shows no mercy... girl had cellulite for DAYS... first rule if you're gonna dress like a hoochie: have the body to pull off the part!

At 7:55 PM, April 11, 2007, Blogger Michelle Ann said...

The whole thing was PAINFUL. And leaving Sanjaya to last was the best thing the producers could have done. Although I still think that he's the worse singer in the bunch, at least he's entertaining.

As for Haley, since I am not attracted to the ladies, she holds no interest for me. However, if we were voting for Hootchie Idol, she'd have my vote.


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