Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bon Jovi week

Well, this week, we had the Idols singing Bon Jovi songs. Not an easy task. JBJ has a very unique sound that is raw yet perfect. My first thought was, "there is no way any of them can do him justice."

Idol-cum-cadaver Phil was first up. He actually kicked ass on Blaze of Glory. I thought it was his most outstanding performance. I didn't watch, I listened...'cause I don't like that face...but he was terrific. Simon was wrong.

I thought Jordin, on the other hand, was just atrocious with Livin' on a Prayer. She should pray her performance doesn't get her booted off this week. Simon was perfectly right, it was a mess. A trainwreck. It was completely out of her range and her league. She should have chosen a ballad, something like Never Say Goodbye would have worked very well for her.

LaKisha sang one of his lesser-known tracks, This Ain't a Love Song, that I didn't particularly like. She was just okay. The start was really rough, definitely not top three quality. The judges loved it. Eh.

This week was Blake's Mistake. His beatbox/ABC-esque reworked version of Shot Through the Heart positively sucked. The judges thought it was great!? What?! Vote him off, America, vote for everyone else! DO it!

Chris wasn't terrific either. His Wanted Dead or Alive was delivered with an attempt to match Bon Jovi's sound, but he came up wanting. It was okay, and definitely better than Blake and Jordin, but it wasn't blazing.

The star of the evening was, of course, Melinda. She cut loose with a sizzling performance of Have a Nice Day that burned up the stage. She was the only contestant who really captured the spirit and attitude of JBJ and tore. it. up. There is, and has been, no question that she stands alone as the winner of this competition.

So vote, vote, vote...but not for Blake.

with apologies to Cincy...

So two will be voted off this week...my votes are Blake and


At 10:36 AM, May 02, 2007, Blogger Michelle Ann said...

We need Phil to go.... At least I can "watch" the other contestants. When he hits the stage, I actually cringe. Although I am not a big fan of Blake's style, I think he knew that he couldn't pull off a JBJ song authentically, so he made the necessary adjustments. If only Jordin had been smart enough to go this route....


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